Please find information about administration fees and tenant and guarantor application forms which you can fill in online below.  


Administration fees are payable for all of our properties. Once your fees are received, the property is secured and withdrawn from the market for one week, while references are obtained. The fees* are as follows:

Administration Fee per Property

1 tenant £200, 2 tenants £250, 3 tenants £300

Guarantor application fees are just £50

All tenants and occupants over the age of 18 must be referenced and listed on the tenancy agreement.

Please note that if you do not pass our referencing procedure we may only refund between 25% and 50% of the total fees you have paid depending on the referencing stage reached. If you have any reason to suspect that you may fail our referencing, please talk to us about a pre-application credit check, or disclose any reasons why you may think you may fail so we can consider this before we accept your fees. In instances where applicants withdraw from the application process, no fees will be refunded, so please make sure you actually intend to live in the property before applying

Renewal Fees

The tenancy you are applying for is a fixed term and the owner will normally require us to negotiate an extension at the end of it. After the expiry of a fixed term, if both parties wish to extend the tenancy, a fee of £40 + vat will be payable for renewing or extending the tenancy agreement, irrespective of the length of the extended period or the type of agreement.

* Occasionally we market some properties to let on behalf of other management companies that have additional administraton fees. We will highlight any additionals fees in our advertisements.


Seen a rental property you like? Fill in a Tenant Application Form here Complete the Form icon

Need a Guarantor? Fill in a Guarantor Application Form hereComplete the Form icon 


As part of our application process we need to see verified photo ID for you. If you cant make it into our office in person, we can accept a signed declaration by email. A sample of what we require can be found below.



Information about being a Guarantor can be found below 



To apply, simply fill in an application form and complete it as thoroughly as possible. 

To pay your application fees, you will need to call us to pay by debit card, or you can drop into the office to pay by cash or cheque. Once we have received your fees, the property is taken off the market for one week while we complete the application process.

We will contact you as soon as your application has been accepted to agree a move in date and take payment for your deposit in full, along with a £200 Non-Refundable Holding Fee. The holding fee will be offset against your 1st month’s rent when you move in.

Once your deposit has been paid, we will produce a tenancy agreement. THIS IS A LEGALLY BINDING CONTRACT THAT NEEDS TO BE SIGNED BY ALL LISTED TENANTS. We will generally email the contracts to you, to be signed and returned to our office within 5 days.

YOU WILL NEED TO PAY THE 1ST MONTHS RENT IN FULL, IN CLEARED FUNDS, AT LEAST 24 HOURS PRIOR TO MOVE IN. Payment can be made by debit card, cash, bank transfer, or cheque (payable to GO Property Services Ltd and subject to 10 days clearance).

If you have a guarantor, we will also need a signed Deed of Guarantee.

There is an affordability calculator used to determine whether a person is financially able to be a tenant. This is determined by taking the monthly rent for a particular property and multiplying it by 30. Please see examples below showing montly rent and minimum gross annual salary required:


Monthly rent
Tenant salary
£ 300.00
£ 9,000
£ 400.00
£ 12,000
£ 500.00
£ 15,000
£ 600.00
£ 18,000


In addition to your application form, we will also need to see original photo ID (passport, drivers licence, etc.) and proof of residence (recent utility or mobile phone bill).


In some circumstances, for instance if you are moving to the area and haven't got a job finalised, you may need to find someone to act as a guarantor who will agree to guarantee your rental obligations. If this is the case, your guarantor will need to complete a Guarantor Application form (which can be filled in online at the bottom of this section).

Guarantors are required to meet certain criteria – they must be a UK citizen, employed full time, and ideally a home owner. If you are self-employed or renting, you might still be able to act as guarantor – please call us to discuss your specific circumstances.

There is an affordability calculator used to determine whether a person is financially able to act as a guarantor. This is determined by taking the monthly rent for a particular property and multiplying it by 40. Please see examples below showing montly rent and minimum gross annual salary required for the guarantor:


Monthly rent
Guarantor salary
£ 300.00
£ 12,000
£ 400.00
£ 16,000
£ 500.00
£ 20,000
£ 600.00
£ 24,000


Guarantor application fees are just £50Please note that guarantors are required to sign a Deed of Guarantee, a separate document, in addition to the application form, that essentially provides a guarantee for the tenancy should, for example, any of the tenant(s) not pay the rent. We need to have the SIGNED AND WITNESSED ORIGINAL COPY in our office before we can release the keys to the tenant.

Guarantor Application Forms can be filled in here.

Council Tax Bands

If you aren't sure of the Council Tax band for a property, check the Council Tax Valuation register for detail.

Electric Heater Running Costs

For information on the running costs of electric heaters, this website has a useful table of costs based on your supplier and the wattage of the heater.


For day to day help whilst you are living in a property we are developing a range of How To guides below

How to Bleed a Radiator548.27 KB

How to repressurize a Boiler with a Filling Loop

How to repressurize a Boiler with NO Filling Loop

How to avoid Legionaires Disease



At the end of your tenancy you will need to serve notice. When you can serve notice will depend very much on the contract you have signed, so check your documents first or contact your property manager here to check. As a simple guide, if you want to move out at the end of your contract you need to give a clear rental period (normally 1 month) as notice. Your notice needs to coincide with your rent payments, so say you pay rent on the 5th of the month and you want to move out of the 4th of May, you would need to serve us written notice before the 4th April.

We recommend checking your notice period with us first before you sign new contracts to move out.

Once we have written notice we will contact you to make arrangements to readvertise the property and confirm our checkout procedures. We charge £50 for check-out administration and this includes us visiting the property once you have vacated to complile a checkout report, and the provision of a tenancy reference for your new letting agent, landlord, or mortgage provider. Once the checkout report is complete we will contact you to arrange the return of your deposit, or discuss any work that is required to be done.

Depending on whether or not work is required at your property we always try to process deposit returns within 7 days of departure.

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